Each of our products is proudly made in our own factory in Guatemala by some of the world's finest artisans - people we trust and respect. Did you know that we're one of the very few clothing brands to actually manufacture all of its own garments? Sadly enough, most have teams that travel the globe, sourcing their production to the lowest bidder - but we value loyalty and long-term relationships.

Our fabrics are cut by hand and sewn to exacting standards. Sure, we use modern tools and advanced machinery, but we apply the same methods of precise workmanship that trace back a hundred years. This combination of proven skill and thoughtful innovation allows for the highest quality and reliable consistency. And speaking of reliable - our Guatemalan factory has been in continuous operation since our company's founding more than twenty years ago, and we are here to stay! Our fellow team members have the security and confidence in knowing that our company will not abandon them for a cheaper opportunity.

We care about the lives and the families of our Guatemalan artisans, and we strive to have a positive impact in their community. Not only does our team earn competitive wages, paid vacations, and annual bonuses, but we also host an annual Family Day (also paid) where we charter buses, rent an entire park, and provide catered food. As part of our ongoing commitment, we work with industry-leading independent auditors to evaluate our Guatemalan facility, ensuring that we meet or exceed all current Social Compliance standards.

We're proud of who we are. We're proud of what we do. We're proud to be Made in Guatemala!